Jack Cooper

Advanced Concrete Asphalt was founded many years ago by Louisiana native Jack Cooper. This entrepreneur comes from a line of talented tradesmen, and continues the legacy by offering the most versatile concrete contracting in the Tioga, LA region.

Home and business owners have an extremely wide range of needs when it comes to concrete work. Small projects at home include things like crack repair, resurfacing, or designing new backyard features like patios. Large projects include things like massive warehouse floors and commercial building foundational additions. From the estimation of volumes and laying rebar, to expert finishing and coating, Advanced Concrete Asphalt can handle it all.

The prime specialty of this company is everything surrounding the application of asphalt. Tioga, and the surrounding region, has many environmental factors to consider when laying asphalt. These factors have to do with soil quality, water tables, humidity, and others. A true knowledge of the area where concrete and asphalt is to be laid is extremely important to the integrity of materials over time. Like many other trades, a great deal of effort must be made in preparation to lay concrete and asphalt. Sometimes, this effort completely eclipses the work in finishing the job. This is however, the sign of a company that is committed to quality work.

If you have an asphalt project in mind, Advanced Concrete Asphalt has the expert crew to handle the job. Once all matters of dimension, project purpose, and budget is completed, ACA will expertly start the work. This company ensures quality throughout the entire process of an asphalt project. An asphalt project usually includes these steps.

  • Removal of old driveway, sidewalk, and other materials. An area must be completely clear of foreign materials before laying asphalt.
  • Grading and sloping the surface to be covered. This requires an excellent knowledge of calculations and implementation with a variety of tools and machines.┬áCompacting the subsoil. This is a very important step for places with soil that has a tendency to sink.
  • Applying a layer of crushed rock. This rock should be supplied locally, which ACA always tries to do, and made completely level.
  • Integration of the crushed rock layer and the subsoil.
  • Protection of the project for a week to let the soil and rock settle.

Choosing and laying the correct asphalt, which has many steps. They include taking into account what loads the asphalt will handle, atmospheric conditions, temperate and hot application, and rolling the materials flat. Though preparation is key, final asphalt projects should be aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Advanced Concrete Asphalt is able to handle all steps in the proper application of asphalt from start to finish. This is true of all the other types of concrete surface projects they handle. This company always looks forward to educating business and home owners about the asphalting process, while making plans to complete each project within established deadlines and budgets.